{tinder tuesday} making a note to make a list


I know I said a few weeks ago that I was back on Tinder.  I’ve gone on a couple of dates, which all end with me coming home very confused.  On one things seemed to go great, and his dog was adorable, but ghosted.  One was okay, but we ran out of things to talk about.  And Saturday’s was absolutely horrible.

Tonight's tinder date wore wind pants and the scent of stale weed. #ihateboys

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And by horrible I mean he wore wind pants and smelled like stale weed and it was obvious that all of his photos were throwbacks.  Like seriously.  Whatever.

Laying in bed on Sunday, with my dogs and Friends, some things popped in my head.

  1. I really need to make one of those silly lists about what I’m looking for in a boy/relationship.  This might be nice to do with a bottle of wine and some streaming rom-coms.
  2. I need to keep holding off on sex.  Date #2 was clearly annoyed by the fact I wasn’t going to go home with him.  Clearly I need to be the girl that changes this expectation.
  3. If I get the feeling that things just won’t work, I need to speak up and cancel plans.  I think you can get a decent idea over text and Facebook stalking if things aren’t going to work out, and I need to accept that it’s ok to cancel plans (with 24 hours notice) and spend the night in bed.
  4. Date prep is way more easy in spring or summer.  All you have to do is throw on a sundress with cute shoes and carry a cardigan.
  5. I need to post more photos to Facebook so I can keep interchanging photos on Tinder.

Also, this article: Reasons Why Your Tinder Profile is Horrible brought so many giggles.


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