the gym still sucks

{a Tinder gym moment}
{a Tinder gym moment}

okay, so I know I said a few weeks ago that I was done with Tinder and boys and all that jazz.  But I decided to chalk up all of the past horrible dates to just bad, impaired decisions.  Like, why am I letting a bunch of asshats ruin it for everybody?  And let’s face it, it’s not like my life is currently set up to meet any boys organically.


Yesterday I went back to the gym after a two week break.  Sure, I had done a few workout videos at home, but I took laziness to the extreme.  I also hate working out when Linda’s home, I feel like she’s judging me and she is saying really mean things to me in my head.

I decided to do the workout I normally do; a round on the circuit strength machines with squats or pushups in between each, a mile on the treadmill and 5 minutes on the rowing machine.

Holy moly, I’m still dying.

Clearly I need to make the gym my best friend again.  Even though I’m currently hating it.  I need to find some events to be working towards, cause general health just doesn’t cut it.

Event #1: Family Christmas on Valentine’s Day weekend.  And since I’ve got a mess of food planned, I might as well be eating super clean during the work up too.

How do other people get themselves to get their asses in gear?


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