avoiding the hype and hangover


I spent NYE having a relaxing night in with Scotti, Diego and Pepper.  I was a little freaked at first for not having New Years plans, but I realized I’d rather kick 2015 off spending my evening how I’ll spend a lot of upcoming evenings.  Why mess with success.

Two bottles of Polka Dot Reisling and a brie and granny smith apple quesadilla.  Romy and Michelle’s High School Reunion.  Writing out a to-do list and monthly goals to get me through spring.  Perfect.

And I did it all in sweats.

{pillsbury cinnabon cinnamon rolls}
{pillsbury cinnabon cinnamon rolls}

This morning was spent with a pile of magazines, cinnamon rolls and mimosas.  I’m definitely not ready to go back to a normal schedule on Monday.  I know you’re supposed to start off January 1st being super productive, but I just couldn’t do it.  And when you have a chance to eat breakfast in bed with your favorite creatures, you take it.


Scotti and Diego have proven that the decision to move the bed right under the window was a genius one.  If we’re in the room and they’re not wrestling or napping, they’re just looking out the window.

I plan on getting around to sharing my goal for 2015, trust me, it’s a big one.  For now though, I’m going to stay cuddled up with my best friends.


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