Instagram Roundup

What better way to close out 2014 than forcing you all (don’t you dare hit that red X) to look at some of my favorite Instagram posts from the year.


Scotti and Diego continue to be the most important creatures in my life.  Luna refuses to take selfies and Georgina moved to Kansas City.  IMG_8060

So. Many. Selfies.  *note to self, wear navy boyfriend blazer more*IMG_8058

Summer continued to be my favorite season.  Life shouldn’t happen below 80 degrees. IMG_8056

Trips to Kansas City (not pictured because I felt fat on that trip) and New Orleans reminded me that small town life just isn’t my scene.  Although Whole Foods and H&M being within 30 minutes would be very bad for my wallet.IMG_8057

I found myself getting very intoxicated in this pink Old Navy dress this summer. Plus: great excuse to wear a wire free sports bra.  Negative: Required highwaisted Spanx.  IMG_8054

My hair got significantly shorter and lighter.


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