byebyebye 2014

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{via Pinterest}

I’m slowly working my way to grown up status.  Not just grownup, but confident girl grownup.  Confident woman?  2014 was a big year for me, with lot’s of things happening that I wasn’t expecting.  Things that changed me for what I see to be better.

Here’s some of the highlights:


1)I worked full time for 8 months.  And realized that it’s not what I want.  I seriously came home every day too exhausted to function.  While I recognize that I have to work 40 hours minimum/week to survive (I’m currently working between 25-30), I now know that it has to be on my terms.  I want my life to be centered on living, not working.

2)I let people get close enough to break my heart. Some of the people broke me in ways that made me stronger (I’m looking at you, kindergarten friends).  Because of them I want to be my best so that they can be their best.  And some people might say that having 5 y/os be the main age group of people you let in as adult doesn’t count, but really.  Who’s going to call you out on your bullshit faster than a little kid? Other people (well, person) broke me in a way that I’m finally starting to deal with.  The past few weeks I’ve had to remind myself that trusting a boy with my heart is not a bad thing, and just because he turned out to be a monumental jackass doesn’t mean the next one will.  And I’ve realized that I need a person.  While the person doesn’t have to be a boyfriend or romantic partner, I did need an adult human to spend time with.

3)I started cutting out the negativity.  I have unfriended and unfollowed so many people who were clogging up my feed with all of their negative bullshit.  I stopped reading the news, because holy crap, the world kid of sucks.  I stopped looking at TMZ and gossip rags that belittle girls for gaining 10 pounds.

4)I realized getting super skinny just isn’t what I need to focus on, and that getting healthy and strong is.  Let’s face it, I’m not built to be a size 4.  Probably not even a size 6 or 8.  But I do love how I feel after a workout and have finally mastered Glowing Green Smoothies.  Sure, I plan on upping the healthy lifestyle stuff in 2015, but it’s more so I can run away/fight bad guys without falling over and wheezing.

5)I took at big trip all by myself.  Back in college, I had gone to Ecuador and Cuba solo, but the past few years I just haven’t been confident enough (or had the funds) to attempt it again.  So when I went to New Orleans for an extended weekend alone, I was equally excited and terrified.  Really, you only need another person to take pictures of you for Instagram  And parties of 1 basically get immediate seating at the bar.  And the bartenders always know what’s good on the menu.

Tinder life means surprise bouquets from boys I can't quite place

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{apparently I’ve worked some magic this year}

Now the year is coming to a close.  I’ve gotten a good grasp on what works, what doesn’t and exactly what I need to be working towards in 2015.



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