treat your self

{via Buzzfeed}
{via Buzzfeed}

Deciding not to pursue boys for who knows how long (I had gone from September-April the last round) means that now I can focus on my favorite human ever.  Me.

While I don’t know exactly what my plan is yet, I do know that it cannot include shopping.  At least with my own money.  Since I’ll be spending Christmas alone this year, I might have bought myself a few presents.  And by few I mean a few hundred dollars worth.  I still need to get drunk and wrap them, so that when I get drunk and unwrap them I’ll be totally surprised.

I can’t wait to see what Drunk Muff got Sober Meredith.  And I can’t wait to come up with a list of things to do just because I want to.  The Nutcracker was clearly the start of something great.


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