solo date


Late Thursday night, I thought my chances of getting to go to the Nutcracker had all but disappeared.  I was sick and miserable and talking was a problem.  I was so sick that I called in to the, which is the first time I’ve ever done that.

After calling in, I turned off my alarms, drank a kettle of hot water with lemon and honey, and took an epsom salt bath.

The next morning I slept in until 8 (!) and was determined to power through and get to my solo evening of fun.  After 3 more kettles of water with lemon and honey, a yoga video, a hot bath and some extra dog snuggles, I was off!

The afternoon was simple.  I picked up my last few Christmas gifts at Target and got my hair all prettified at BloDry Bar.


And yes, even though I was still a tad sick, I had wine.  Because it has antioxidants, so it’s pretty good for you.  Like coconut water, but not.

The ballet was a blast.  I had extra space since I had purchased two tickets and a little wiggle room is always good.  Since Ballet Des Moines is primarily made up of children, the audience of the Nutcracker was mainly their friends (second grade girls are very supportive) and their families.

{always have to take a selfie or 5}

My hotel wasn’t really within what I consider to be safe walking distance of any bars, so after the ballet I hit up the hotel bar.  Where I’m pretty sure a 50+ y/o man thought I was a prostitute who would work in exchange for vodka tonics.  And he bought me a lot of vodka tonics.  I should have tried to score some french fries out of the deal too.  le sigh. 


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