{tinder tuesday} that’s a wrap. for now.



“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

Well you guys, after a whole mess of “what the fuck am I even doing here” Tinder dates, I bit the bullet and just deleted.  Out of 200+ matches, 39 exchanged numbers and 17 dates (only 2 which I would label a success, and both were with the same person*) I’m done.
When I was driving back from a Tinder evening on Saturday, I thought it went pretty good but the boy has yet to respond to my text and snap #hisloss, I started counting the hours up in my head.  per date, here’s a bit of a breakdown of the time I lost:
  • getting ready (includes showering, nail painting and straightening my hair):2 hours
  • travel (not including the 9 hours of travel to get to Minneapolis) 90 minutes
  • actual date: averages out to 2 hours
  • Total time: About 93.5 hours.
  • This doesn’t include the time I spent obsessing over what to wear, because I could do other things at the same time.

93.5 hours that I gave to boys who, when it comes down to it, were not worth it at all.  Who even after I sat there for multiple hours, wouldn’t make a move or would get freaked out if I did.  Hours that I could have been doing productive things. like working out.  Or sleeping.

I had told myself that if I didn’t meet anyone worth my time by New Year’s Eve that I’d just cut Tinder off.  But if you saw my desk calendar for the next 2 weeks, you’d see that I don’t have time to waste.


When it comes down to it though, I plan on being out of Eldora and Iowa by next fall (we’ll totally cover this soon, I swear) so why should I even be trying to find someone that might make me question my desire to leave?  Sure, I wish I had someone to make out with.   To be in bed with a body that wasn’t covered in fur.  To have a human in my daily life to talk to that isn’t my mom.  And good god, I am a much more personable human being when I’m getting laid on the reg.   But I’ll learn to freakin deal.

Cause that’s what big girls do.

*scheduling got in the way of this one going anywhere.  When each person basically only has one night free a week, and the nights never match up, things fizzle.


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