the week ahead

{Taurus Horoscope}
{Taurus Horoscope}

This week will be extra focused on being productive.  With workouts, work, an online class and holiday prep, I’m going to have zero time for Netflix binge watching sessions.  le sigh.

“make peace with the person you are when you’re totally alone.”

I get to end the week with a trip to Des Moines to see the Nutcracker.  When I bought the tickets in October, I of course bought two.  I was oh so hopeful that something positive would come out of all those Tinder boys.  But no such luck.  I’d considered selling the tickets, but then I told myself to shut the fuck up and go alone.  This is something I’ve always wanted to do, why should I let the lack of a boy, or even a local bff, stop me from doing something I want to do?  That’s totally stupid.  So I’ll be doing all the stuff I planned to do with/for someone else, but for myself.

  • awesome hotel room? booked and paid for.
  • appointment at the blo dry bar? made.

(i’m trying to decide between the holly would and pillowtalk)

  • mapping out locations so I can walk and drink wine? screenshotted to my phone.
  • planning some excellent hotel room snacks? like duh.
  • acknowledging that I’m totally cool with going to a bar after the Nutcracker and finding a boy to make out with?  done and done. 

I’ve already decided that in 2015 I’m going to put me first and stop obsessing about the lives of everyone else, boys and all that stuff.  we’ll go into all of that as the new year gets closer.  But one of my goals is to get out of not only Eldora, but Iowa as a whole.  And moving to a new city with just Scotti, Diego and Luna means I’ll have to force myself out of my comfort zone in order to make new connections and all that stuff.  I might as well start now.



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