prepping for the (sequined party) dress.

{Kate Upton in this Express dress}
{Kate Upton in this Express dress}

I finally ordered my dress for all of the upcoming holiday fun.  It’s a little shorter than I planned on, the other, longer, dresses I had my eye on all sold out, but that means the grind is on.  When there’s a picture of Kate Upton wearing your New Year’s Eve* dress, it’s time to get to business in the workout department.

So I have worked out every day, minus Tuesday as a rest day, and my legs are on fire.  This week has included: 3 days on the elliptical, going 2 miles each time,  alternating these Biggest Loser Low Intensity and Strength videos, and this XHit Miley Cyrus Legs video every day.

Next week I plan to keep up with what I’ve got going on.  I’ll be adding on 2 days of sprint intervals on the treadmill for two miles and an arm workout.

Bring it on, sequined naked dress.






*please know that at this time, I have absolutely no New Year’s Eve plans.


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