throwbacks and wishlists


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I’ve always had a love of presents, both giving and receiving.  If someone were to wrap up a candy bar and had it to me with giddy joy, I would open it and eat it and think it was the greatest part of the day.  In fact, sometimes Drunk Muffy (intoxicated Meredith) likes to go online and order Sober Meredith presents.

She always knows exactly what to give.

My love of presents isn’t really shared by my immediate family.  switched at birth?  They do everything they can to avoid gift giving at all and I totally hate it.  And then things get awkward because I still get them things and then they get mad and me get in a fight.  It’s whatever.

I for one always like to bring up the time they all forgot to get me a gift the last year we did presents.  It brings on almost as many muttered “I said I was sorry”s as when I bring up the time they all forgot my birthday.

This year, for the first time in I don’t know how many years Linda asked me what I wanted for Christmas.  And it’s been so long since I had to think about what to tell other people that I wanted that I am totally stumped.  I’ve gone through gift posts on pretty much every blog I follow, I’ve clicked through all my wishlists on various e-commerce sites.  Nothing.

Sure there’s silly things I want, but I don’t want my mom to spend money on things I can’t bring myself to buy.  Is this part of growing up? Do I tell my mom the silly things that I’ve put in my cart only to click ‘remove’?  Or do I tell her the list of things I have on my “To Buy” list, like a passport?

Will this Christmas bring another round of awkward “you got my a gift” silence since I can’t come up with anything?


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