{tinder tuesday}

Look how hopefully that girl looks.  Fully believing that she’s off to have an awesome night, complete with some making out and maybe a little something else.

12 hours later, after a drive to Minneapolis that took an extra 2.5 hours, she was too exhausted to take a selfie to show the world how frustrated and disappointed she was.

Did you know that there really are 30something year old men who think it’s okay to invite their best friends along on a date?

Like no.  And as my mother taught me, groups should always be an even number, that way everyone has someone to talk to.

One of my (male) Twitter friends reminded me last week that most boys see Tinder as an app for hooking up.  And I’m totally okay with that, cause right now it’s cold and I need some male attention.  This is ridiculous.  I’m actively wondering if I need to ignore what half of the lady magazines say and just start kissing these boys.  Maybe they’ve gotten so cold with the season change that they’ve just lost the ability to realize that a girl is totally down for a kiss.

I’ve been considering taking some time off of boy hunting and just focusing on everything else for a while.  It’s done wonders for Taylor Swift, so why not me?

Maybe 2015 will be the year I just stop thinking about pursuing boys.  And maybe buy a rechargeable vibrator.  Cause I’m gonna need that for sure.


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