what would olivia pope do?

{Don Quixote}
{Don Quixote}

Last night, life totally took over.  I ran to Waterloo with plans on being a good daughter and picking Linda up from the airport.  I had a few other plans too; hit up Victoria’s Secret, go to Enterprise, walk around Target.  But right as I take my exit, Linda calls.

Her flight totally got cancelled.  Boo.

Linda started just jabbering and trying to tell me what to do.  Isn’t it super frustrating when parents treat adult children like little kids?*  I totally wished her plane from Cuba to Miami had been the one to break for a few minutes.

Like seriously mom, I can handle things.

Since I knew I’d be picking up a car from Enterprise for next weeks holiday of who knows what, I just had to figure out how one girl could be in two different places at once.  I needed to drop our car (well, the one we’re borrowing) off at the airport and get a ride to the Enterprise office.

First I snapped the boy from Waterloo that I’ve hung out with a few times.  Too busy.  Whatever.  Then I sent out a Tinder moment requesting a 15 minute White Knight.  Some responses, but no dice.

Like seriously boys, if a girl offers to take you to dinner because you drove her 5ish miles, go for it.  Especially on cold days.  I totally would have made out.

So I was all like, what would Olivia Pope do?  Duh.  She’d call her ex-boytoy, aka the president.  So I texted former TinderBoy.  Yes, the one that had me crying for like 3 days.  And guess what, he totally came through.  Thank goodness I decided to look comfycute when I left the house.

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So comfy, so good.

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And guess what? It was all okay.  He got to help a girl out.  I got what I wanted.  Linda wont be murdered because I have to pick her up at 9:30 tonight.  Sure, it was awkward in that weird “we used to see each other naked” kinda way.  But whatever.

if this is growing up, I’m gonna be a pro.

*I might have a bad habit of constantly telling my brothers what to do.  I’m working on it.


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