{tinder tuesday}

image1Another week of Tinder tapping and still no true love.  Sigh.  I mixed things up and widened my age preferences to 25-40.  Super big gap, but hey, why not?  Hopefully a wider age range means someone might finally make a move.  Who knew it was so hard to ask a girl to dinner?

I need to know if Beyonce ever asked a Jay-Z out on a date.

And how long one is allowed to look for love on the internet before giving up on Iowa boys for forever.

Last week held two Tinder dates.  And I was bored out of my skull at both of them.  Have you ever sat in a tractor and listened to a boy talk about his herd of cattle?  Don’t do it.  Have you ever sit in a booth at your local watering hole and listened to a boy talk about how his high school just won a football state championship?  And then give a play by play.  Don’t do it.  I’m seriously going bonkers over here.

If things continue at this pace, I’ll be going to the Nutcracker alone.




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