furry selfies

{Callie looking thrilled}
{Callie looking thrilled}

Life with the creatures is going swell.  Callie is a little under the weather, but we’ll bring her back to form in no time.  Or she’ll go to a kitty farm.  We’ll see.

We’re all in a particularly good mood at the moment because LINDA IS GONE.  For ten whole days.  Is this Iowa?  Or is it my own little slice of heaven?

There are so many things I want to accomplish while I have the house to myself.  All I accomplished yesterday though was watching Zac Efron movies.  That boy is just too cute.

{cuddle puddle}
{cuddle puddle}

Luckily Scotti and Diego fully agree with whatever movie choices I make.

Now to take the ultimate photo for our Christmas cards.  Maybe I do need a touch of snow.


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