{humpday happiness} Alex from Target


Sunday morning I was laying in bed.  I started scrolling through Twitter like I always do, and clicked on a Buzzfeed link about a boy named Alex who works at Target.

First I thought Alex was cute for a 16 year old (I would have definitely tried to get in his checkout lane).  Then I realized that it was super creepy of me to think a 16 year old boy was cute and I wanted to shower myself off.

I kept scanning through the tweets with #AlexFromTarget, checked out (and followed) the real Alex.  cause I’m not above following a 16 y/o on twitter. Thought that he seems to be handling this whole thing really well.

Seriously, if I was Twitter famous, I’d be all “whaddup bitches.  Who wants to buy me chinese and wine?” and then post pictures of Scotti and Diego wearing clothes.

Here’s the thing, while I’d be creeped out if someone took a photo of a teenage girl and put this on the internet, I’m not freaked out by the 15 minutes #AlexFromTarget is receiving.

  1. We should be really happy that all of Alex’s female fans are crushing on a boy with an actual job.  Because heads up; boy banders, vampires and professional baseball pant models are really hard to come by.
  2. Girls aren’t going to go around saying that they want to sexually assault this boy.  Sure, some would totally be down to fuck him.  But we don’t want to see Alex be sad.  Or bruised.  Or with the permanent damage that comes from being sexually assaulted.  Absolutely no female I know wants anyone, male or female, to go through the horror that comes with even the treats of rape.
  3. Maybe more girls will want to get jobs.  At Target.  Or any store.  Just so they can say they’re a part of Alex’s team.  Girls getting jobs, woohoo!
  4. Let’s face it, part of working as a checker at any store, especially a box store like Target, is being super nice to the customers.  Everybody has a bad day at some point.  A day where it seems like all the other people are trying their hardest to be mean.  It could be that Alex was the bright spot of the phototaker’s day.  The boy who reminded her (or him) that not all boys are mean assholes.

But girls, we can’t be telling Alex’s girlfriend that she’s a slut. Or fat. Or going to die. That’s the opposite of cool and just makes everyone think we’re crazy.
So #AlexFromTarget, you do your thing.  I hope you don’t make out with all the girls who want to kiss you because you were on Ellen.  I hope you realize all girls have worth and are good prom date possibilities.  And if you need to change out the word girls for boys because of your sexual identity, I’m cool with that too.

Update: the whole thing was a big marketing tactic/experiment.


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