last week I…

FullSizeRender IMG_7201 Processed with VSCOcam with m5 presetSelfies with the dogs, going back into the world of drinking way too much soda, trying to appreciate the prettiness that Fall brings.

Let’s just say that clean eating pretty much all but stopped this weekend.  Boo.  How do people keep from falling off this wagon and into a vat of ice cream? Am I just not prepared enough?  Or am I insanely weak when it comes to sugary goodness?  I’m considering doing the Advocare 24 Day Challenge to kind of kick my ass into gear.  Because when you’re dropping that much on a challenge, you will do anything to not eff up.

And maybe I’ll just tell myself no sex until I lose 30 pounds.  That’s another way to get a girl in gear.

There was a Tinder meet up.  It was fun.  There were cats, tequila, and candy corn.  I even watched not one, but two scary movies.  Granted, I closed my eyes during every scene that seemed like it might be the least bit graphic, but go me.  There was also some kissing, but who wants to hear about that?  #noone

{via Buzzfeed}
{via Buzzfeed}

Taylor Swift as various Disney princesses?  yes, please.  Pretty much doing everything I can to get through the days until 1989 is released.

{via RYOT}
{via RYOT}

Syrian girls drew pictures of what they think child marriages look like.  Little girls definitely need to have their their time to be little girls, not some man’s bride.

IMG_7245Scotti, Diego and I are trying to get in as many long walks as possible before it starts to get cold.  Scotti loves to play in the snow, but as a trio, we weren’t built for winter time.

The past few weeks haven’t been scary productive, and I’m pretty sure I’ve said that things were going to turn around.  But now I mean it for real.  I finally am working on a timeline for transitioning into being a full time grownup, and that means shit has to get real



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