{humpday happiness} making the best of a life layover

{via Pinterest}
{via Pinterest}

This fall has been one of the most ridiculous ones I’ve had in forever.

More ridiculous than learning how to merge life as a student at Tulane University and a manager of the football team.

More ridiculous than the fall I realized I was pregnant.

Like whoa.  From boys, to work, to adding new work to making plans to have a baby.  It’s been a silly fit of exhaustion.

But certain things started to fall.  TinderBoy went away in the most lame way possible. (also, friendship at the moment is totally not even happening.  cause duh.  does it ever?)

And now the baby thing is now on pause.  Like at this moment, I’m probably not going to be a surrogate.  And that’s totally okay.

Because one thing I realized since I got the baby update, is that I had been using it as an excuse to not do things.

to not really let boys in, because who actually wants to run around with a pregnant girl?

to not focusfocus on getting in superhot bikini shop.

to not put any effort into finding a big girl job/life and getting out of Linda’s guest room.

to drink any and all alcohol within arms reach.

So now I’m in this wonderful, progressive limbo.  All the things that were on my eventually list are now on a now list.

 So cheers to this layover that could turn into a final destination.  Since I’m here, I’ll be making the most of it.


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