last week I….

So, as we know, last week was a doozy.  I was totally that crazy girl on facebook.  Whatever, we’re all supposed to have a moment like that at least once, right?  Jordan and I met for drinks and fried things Sunday night and talked things over.  Things were discussed, it was all super awkward but it’s totally taken care of.  Like we discussed being friends, but we’ll see.  I told him he totally had to play wingman for me in a year after all this surrogacy baby stuff though and he totally agreed.

{taking over as the next robin and ted?}
{taking over as the next robin and ted?}

but onto other things.

  • the wagon is officially dead.  like this is a total problem.  would it be bad to start a crowdfunding for a car?  I mean seriously, I’m trying to focus on getting my student loans and credit cards under control.  maybe I should be sugardaddy hunting.
  • when I was little I was totally obsessed with Posh Spice, and I’m actively considering taking on this habit of hers.
  • I’m really trying to get back in the habit of working out.  So far I’ve been doing daily two mile walks with Scotti and Diego and doing some extra youtube videos here and there.  on Friday I renewed my gym membership, so now I have to start going.  One month costs $25, so that means I have to go 15 times.  word on the street is some mega hotties from two towns over have been biking in in the afternoons.  fingers crossed that it’s for real.

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Amen #VIOLEThair

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highlights have my scalp burning in a good way.

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