the most perfect wrap dress ever

{gauze wrap dress}
{gauze wrap dress}

I was thisclose to falling out of my chair when I first saw this dress.  I love a good wrap dress.  This Jen’s Pirate Booty dress though?  It takes away all the serious yet hint of sexy that comes with other wrap dresses, and is so boho ethereal babe that I just can’t even.

This dress has me dropping white girlisms like I was born to do.

Yes, this dress would be totally perfect thrown over a bikini when you’re back packing through south america.  When you’ve slapped on some Flash Tattoos and have decided to start your night of cervezas and dancing.

Now imagine it in the fall.  Paired with leggings, tall boots and a wool panama hat.  You could go from taking the most adorable selfies at the pumpkin patch to squealing in fear at a haunted corn maze.

I still can’t even.


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