last week I…

I decided to make Mondays a mash-up between what I did (because honestly, I don’t do a whole lot worth noting) and some of my favorite things from around the internet.

  • I worked out every single day.  I’m feeling way better and more clear headed.
{Image via The Londoner}
{Image via The Londoner}

I’m currently dealing with some total wanderlust.  Last spring I got a total girl crush on Rosie, the Londoner, and all her travels are helping me bide my time in Iowa.  I really must replace my dog eaten passport soon.

  • I finally signed and mailed in my surrogacy contract.  Actively planning a final, pre-insemination shindig that is chock full of champagne.
  • That means I’m planning on living in this bikini next summer.
{GIF via Buzzfeed}
{GIF via Buzzfeed}

I adored the 26 Truths Kelly Kapoor Taught Us About Winning at Life.  Seriously, Mindy Kaling can just be my best friend/older sister type starting tomorrow.

Now feeling the urge to get back in the habit of sending weekly mail.

{Free People Horoscope}
{Free People Horoscope}

My horoscope for the next week has me feeling all kinds of confident.


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