slowly getting back in the groove

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I haven’t had a week of honest-to god workouts since February.  Working full-time left me utterly exhausted; mentally, emotionally and physically.  Most days Scotti and Diego would be lucky if I could gather the energy to take them on a walk.

Healthy eating all but disappeared.  I packed on 20 pounds since January, because calling in pizza and stopping to pick up a bag of gummy worms was just easier.  I kept trying to get into Whole30 again, but when there’s no time to grocery shop, it’s all but impossible.

Now I’m back to working part-time.  It’s a mess for my checking account, but it’s been great for my soul.  I feel like I finally have time to collect my thoughts.  Scotti, Diego and I only missed walks when I was in New Orleans.  I’ve only had pizza twice since school started, and both times I made it.

And today I finally unrolled my yoga mat and did this 20 minute yoga flow.

Yes, working full-time is great for the money and filling the day.  But I know that I cannot handle it for such a long stretch.  Yes, I’m going to be a little more stressed out about paying bills and really have to get used to not shopping.  Now I have time to invest in myself.

and that’s pretty great



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