the great clothing situation

For the past 6 months, at the end of every month, I would tell myself that I need to sort through all of my clothes.  For one month this summer, I had the same 3 pairs of shorts and 2 shirts on a daily rotation, simply because I was too lazy to actually go into my room for fresh clothes and would just pull whatever two items were clean out of my laundry basket.

But yesterday afternoon, after looking at the weather forecast that was getting chillier, I realized I had no idea if I owned any pants or leggings at all.  I HAD NO CHOICE.

So I grabbed a few sterlite containers ( I ended up needing 5) and piled all of my clothes inside.  Carrying them upstairs to the living room was quite a workout.

Processed with VSCOcam with m5 presetSo I sorted.  And sorted.  I threw items that had no hope of surviving life with another human away.  I ended up with one container ready to be donated. I wrote down outfit ideas based on what I already owned and made a list of everything that I really need to buy.

Because guess what, I was right.  There were absolutely no pants.  High waisted black skinnies are an absolute must.

Looking at what I own, and comparing it to what I have on my pinboards, I’ve got a much better idea of what my style is becoming.  Looking at my daily schedule, I know where my money and shopping habits should be focused: ballet flats, appropriate work wear, and good workout clothes.

But I’m totally keeping all my sequined wear and furry vests.  I just need to make more of a point to wear them.

Is this really what growing up into a grownup entails?

And does anyone actually own EVERYTHING on the checklist below, besides the top-notch fashion bloggers and editors?

{Fall Checkoff}
{Fall Closet Checkoff}

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