{humpday happiness} where to begin

Honestly, life has been pretty great lately.  So great that I’m nervous to say anything, because what if I jinx it.

I’ve been feeling this perfect calmness.  One that has me not super stressing about anything in particular.

Getting cold and I have no pants? (Diego ate out all the crotches of my jeans, pants and leggings over the spring and summer) Whatever. I’ll buy a couple pairs when I get paid in two weeks.

Figuring out when it’ll work to go see TinderBoy?  Eh.  When we started hanging out I didn’t have a license, there’s no way anyone could expect me to already have my own car.  (although if someone wanted to give me one, I’d be cool with that.)

I don’t know if it’s the crispy air that comes in once the air temperature drops 20 degrees, but everything seems pretty perfect.  Sure there’s a pile of things that I know I could stress about.  But part of my problem is I stress about things that don’t even concern me.  Things that clearly aren’t stressing out the people they do concern.  Even though they probably should.

I have absolutely no idea what’s going on, but I absolutely adore it.


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