because Taylor is Terrific

{karlie and taylor}
{karlie and taylor}

Over the weekend I got sucked into the world of Buzzfeed.  I’ve done a really good job of avoiding clicking into every next list, but I finally gave in this weekend.

Do you know how many articles there are that pretty much discuss why Taylor Swift is so great?  I’ll give you a hint: bunches.

My favorite: 15 Things Twentysomething Taylor Swift Fans are Tired of Hearing.  Once Linda, Isaac and I made the drive from Wilmington, Ohio to Eldora and Speak Now was on repeat.  At least until Linda hid it when we were in a gas station.  Two weekends ago, I made TinderBoy and his friends listen to Shake It Off five times until they realized that saying really naughty things would make me change the song.

Whatever everybody.  I love T.Swift and that’s not going to change for a long while.  If she were to tweet at me tomorrow, asking if I wanted to call in sick and make chili and visit a pumpkin patch, I totally would.  #hinthint


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