{ootd} first day of school


The photo above is what I had in mind when I was hunting for outfit inspiration for the first day of school.  With a pair of Keds and arm of friendship bracelets, what better way to tell kids that yes, I’m a grownup; but I’ll be learning a lot this year too?

But then life happened.  Forgotten bills popped up again and had to be paid.  I worked all day every day at one place or another, and any time I could have gone to Des Moines to go to the mall, mom needed the car for her own life.

Target Sandals, BaubleBar Necklace, Target T-shirt Dress.
Target Sandals, BaubleBar Necklace, Target T-shirt Dress.

Instead I wore the outfit above.  I was comfortable, fully capable and still age appropriate plus on the same dress code level as all of the other school staff.  And since everything I bought was on sale or with the help of a discount code, I only spent $35 dollars.  If being a part-time grownup means not getting to buy new outfits for everything, then I am going to call out every single magazine I ever read growing up on all of their bullshit.

Also, go find that t-shirt dress at Target.  It’s the most comfortable thing I’ve worn in forever.  They’re on clearance now and I bought two more.  This is one of those t-shirts/dresses that you really can take into any season.



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