crowdfunding for Leroy

Leroy the Dog
Leroy the Dog

I make a lot of friends on the internet.  I managed to shake the weird stalker who decided we were in love and tried to friend my whole family on Facebook, and since I refuse to let the psychos/terrorists win, I keep making friends.  One of my friends is via Twitter and lives in Atlanta.

She has a kickass loft and foster the cutest dog ever.  Seriously, look at Leroy and tell me he isn’t adorable.  Leroy got hit by a car and hasn’t been able to live life to the fullest, as both of his knees have been blown out.  Take a second and think about how much all the dogs you love love to run and jump and then imagine them all sad because they can’t do those things anymore.

My friend is trying to crowdfund some money to help Leroy get his knees fixed, and this is about a  $10000 surgery.  Like holy moly, it’s expensive to be a dog.  So far $115 has been raised to help Leroy out, but I’m pretty sure the internet can do way better.  So seriously, click this right here and help Leroy get to smile.


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