yet another life delay


This was another week where I’m just too tired after a day of work to do anything but cuddle with Scotti and Diego.

After spending a 90 degree, pool filled Monday with the birthday boy, I spent the rest of the week running things at work.  I was so busy, I didn’t even have time to add things to my constantly updated to-do list.  Granted, it was too hot to actually do accomplish anything, but still.

After all of the scary news that has filled up this week’s news-feeds (I subscribe to the Skimm, so I still have a good idea of what is going on, even though I avoid all news outlets) all of which is being fueled by hate, I have to remind myself to be  a big ball of light and love.  While I can’t cancel out all of the anger that people have, I can at least try to diffuse it just a bit.

And all the things in my life that I think are giant problems?  Well, I just need to get over that.  Because I’m not being forced to have my clitoris sliced off or be used as a human shield.  I’m just dealing with the fact that choosing which iPhone cover to buy first is really hard and that sometimes (most of the time) living in your mom’s basement without a car is just not the dream you had envisioned for 27.


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