Netflix: The Glades

thegladesI am a lover of crime shows.  I could sit down half way through a Law and Order marathon and not feel the need to move for hours.  I root for the good guys and hope the bad guys get exactly what’s coming to them.

A couple years ago I had to stop reading and watching the news, plus all of the crime shows that exist.  Law and Order, Criminal Minds, I cut myself off of all of it.  The stories, real or otherwise, were just weighing down on my heart and that often led to intense breakdowns that Linda just couldn’t figure out how to fix.

I just started watching The Glades on Netflix, I’m 14 episodes in, and my need to find the killer is totally being met.  The murders are never terrifyingly violent and so far, have only been committed on adults.  Add in the fact that the lead detective is super cute and just confident enough to be an occasional butt head, and I’m impressed.

and I have 35 episodes to go until I have to find a new show to binge watch!


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