not-so-guilty pleasures

taurusI have always been a fan of horoscopes.  I’ve listened to people explain why it’s silly, but sometimes it’s nice knowing that the reason certain things are going down is because of how the planets are lining up .  Free People’s Weekly Horoscopes are my current favorite.  The predictions/readings for this summer have totally made since with my current situation and it’s good to have a little hope that it’s all slowly coming together.

And the fact that this week’s pointed out that my finances weren’t lining up with my urge to travel….well that part sucks, but is totally true.  I had been hoping to go to New Orleans before school started, but dollars and planning things around my fertility cycle for the surrogacy stuff coming up means that I’ll be staying put for now.

But that just gives me the go ahead to plan some trips to Ann Arbor and Kansas City to see my brothers.


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