last week I…

This past week didn’t seem as hectic as the others have been lately. Part of it might be due to the fact that I had not one, but three days off of work ( two were due to weather) where I really didn’t have to do anything. And when I have a day where I don’t have to do anything, I end up getting a lot done. Like finally cleaning my room and putting away all my laundry.

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My skinned knee is almost all healed up. Being around lots of little boys meant that it got touched a lot…and licked once. Luckily it no longer hurts in a way that keeps my from doing yoga on it. Although I will almost always take a good excuse to not workout.

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So much time to myself was a perfect reason to take Diego (above) and Scotti on their own long walks. The troopers have been exhausted, which is really great news because it means they aren’t waking me up during their late night wrestling matches.

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I spent my planned day off drinking sparkling wine and watching movies on Netflix. Luckily I had thought ahead and shut the computer off, so there was no Drunk Muff shopping sprees. I do kind of think I need a pretty ice bucket.

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I’ve been reading up on all the numbers and facts that I need to know in order to ace my written driver’s test. I got the go-ahead seal from Mississippi last week, so the ball is totally in my court to get my license. My friend Emma will hopefully be able to come to Eldora this week to give me some parallel parking lessons.
In the meantime, I’ll focus more on studying, and less on looking at cars that I just cannot afford. The struggle is real between looking at things that are somewhat practical, preferably with 4wd for Iowa winters and enough room in back for Scotti and Diego, and completely ridiculous.


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