literary friends as best friends


Growing up thru today I never had a lot of friends. Some of it now is a quality over quantity thing, and not wanting to get majorly burned as I had been in the past. I always had 24/7 playmates in my younger brothers and would even consider them my top tier friends now; Barbie was a constant friend; my dogs are probably the most important living creatures in my world..
But I have always felt an attachment to the girls that are figments of another person’s imagination. The girls in books were my best friends, even if if was only for a few hours. I would follow along on their adventures; get sad when they were broken; feel pride in their triumph. I even do this now. Sometimes with girls in books or on TV shows*. Bustle’s countdown of 25 of the Most Beloved Female Characters from Childhood Literature (ranked by coolness)
has me thinking about all of my former friends, and wondering where exactly they’d be today. Now I know there’s Sweet Valley Confidential:10 Years Later which tells us a little more about what happened to Jessica and Elizabeth (I just added it to my Amazon Wishlist), but can we please get some updates on the lives of the girls in The Babysitters Club? Thank you.

*Piper Chapman would not be a friend. She’s way too self involved for my taste in bffs.


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