more boobs, more problems

You remember that lucky girl from when you were a preteen who blossomed earlier than everybody else? First to get her period, first to get a bra with underwires. That was me. At age 9. My mom helped guide me through my period with an American Girl health book that had me convinced I was going to have a baby. Luckily in the past 18 years, I’ve grown to accept my period, annoying but occasionally comes with a “thank you, baby jesus”, and my boobs, which are pretty much amazing. Not so amazing is finding tops and dresses that don’t make me look like I’m shooting a chubby girls themed spread in Maxim. So when I was clicking through the internet, I was excited to see Reformation‘s newest collection: “My Eyes Are Up Here“. Pretty cutout dresses with enough fabric to cover up a bra? I am totally in.

{The Tawny Dress}
{The Tawny Dress}

The Tawny Dress above is probably my favorite. While I’d probably be a little less bold and go with the dress in black, there’s something so sweet about the floral print.


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