last week I…

As I try to get back into habit of doing things, I thought I’d kick this week off with some snapshots from last week. I can’t guarentee that I’ll be posting every day this week, which clearly doesn’t line up with the name Everyday Meremaid, but whatever.

Last week I….

worked on cutting out caffeine (doctor’s orders) with green tea chai lattes. I’m not totally off the good stuff yet, but I still have some progress to make.

went to a wedding. I also ran into a girl that I strongly dislike and I’m happy to say I looked way cuter than her.

busted out the trike to start running errands. You should see the face of the bag boys when they realize they have to make the items fit in the basket.

Finally paid off my speeding ticket from four years ago. Now I have to learn to parallel park so I can pass the driving test. And get a car.

tripped over a line in the sidewalk on the way to work. A man driving by even stopped to ask if I was okay because I went down that hard. I didn’t even cry until a 6 year old touched it.

tried to convince Luna to take a selfie. She’s just not that into it.


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