I had told myself when I started this little hunk of the interweb that I would be posting at least 2 times a week, with an eventual goal of 5 times a week  Unfortunately, things in my life are so busy right now that something has to take a backseat.  Being the blossoming grownup that I am, I decided to slow down on my internet presence; Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Everyday Meremaid, and focus on the humans that I’m with.  The tasks that are right in front of me.  My dogs.  My health, both mental and physical.

It will only be a short break, three weeks at most.  Certain things have to get shut down, so others can be rebooted, and Everyday Meremaid has to take a pause.  In part because I’m still trying to figure out what to say, and how to let people know I’m saying it.  Because sometimes this all feels like a waste of time when I can’t even get my own immediate family to read.  Because I’m bored with talking about how I have goals and then not actually working to obtain them.

So internet, I’ll be doing a quick scan every now and then, but for the next few weeks; we’re on a break.




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