Cause it’s my birthday month


You guys, I think yesterday was my first grownup birthday.  For the first time ever, I didn’t excuse myself from my obligations, aka work  In high school, I would always have my mom call me in sick.  I was okay with the fact that I was unable to buy a special dress or go out to eat.



The day was filled with loads of goodies.  Mom surprised me with sprinkled donuts and a big Diet Pepsi in the morning.  I took dirt cake in for school snack.  I think I’ve finally found my group of people in five and six year olds.  They all love gummy worms, birthdays and mermaids as much as I do. 




I came home to a package full of presents from my favorite family out West.  My phone couldn’t handle the amount of notifications I was receiving.  I cuddled with my dogs.  And I wrapped up my day by attending a lifeguard class.  This will be my third year working at the pool and I’m finally becoming an official lifeguard.

Let me know if you want to reenact the Sandlot.


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