Ohio Adventures

This year, Linda got to spend Mother’s Day weekend with all of her kids.  Of course, we were gathered to celebrate Isaac graduating from college, and everyone was all kinds of sleepy, but she got all of us.

fashion inspiration for summer
fashion inspiration for summer

The family spent the weekend at an old Quaker farmhouse.  The snapshot above was in my room and I’m feeling a little more confident in attempting the crop-top/high-waist trend this summer.





One of Isaac’s many on campus jobs is in the Quaker Heritage Center.  I loved the ceiling full of paper cranes.





I took so many selfies through the weekend.  All of Saturday’s were fueled by multiple bottles of wine and pile of gummy bears.

the proud mama
the graduate and his president bff

Isaac’s other on campus job was working in the President’s Office.  He spent some time this past year teaching the President and his wife all about Twitter and Instagram.  Lunch after the graduation ceremony was at their house.  Super yummy.  Lots of rain.  Too much wine.  Asking a Swedish boy to marry me.

Now we’re back to real life and birthday week!




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