humpday happiness

Scotti and Diego
Scotti and Diego

This week I have been struggling to not just break down into tears/go beat down on someone that I don’t even know.  A little girl that I have grown to adore is being thrown through the ringer, and I’m drowning in all of the ideas that are flashing in my mind to help her feel loved.

So I’m using this little sliver of the internet to share some things that make me happy at this very moment.

  • watching Scotti and Diego love each other.  I hope one day to have a best friend/partner in crime relationship like the two of them.
  • This essay about saying goodbye to a four-legged friend brings back happy memories of my dog Biscuit, and is a nice reminder that I need to treasure all of the time with my furry family.
  • The quick recap of this simple, southern wedding.  The idea of a big wedding, and all of those people, freak me out in far too many ways.
  • Counting down to my birthday.  I’m looking at birthday dress possibilities all the time.  This ASOS number currently takes up spot #1 on my list of options.
  • The knowledge that I have a three day weekend.




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