{monday musts} Strappy Sandals

{ankle-strap wedge sandal}
{ankle-strap wedge sandal}


Linda and I went to Des Moines (the big city!) this weekend.  While she slept in the car, she hates malls/shopping/things that make me happy, I was trying on a pair of shoes similar to the ones above.

And I mean pretty much dead one, except the pair I tried on only came in black.  I have an aversion to black sandals, so I decided that I was going to try to find a pair in brown.  And not only did I find a pair, but they’re on sale!  yay.

These wedge sandals are the perfect height.  They give you that “I’m totally trying” look that heels do, help do that magic thing to your butt and legs that heels do, and you can totally run away from them if necessary.  I probably grew up watching to many movies where the hero’s girlfriend was running around from the bad guys in high heels, so this is something I think about.  Far too often.  And they made me feel like a super hot, Grecian sex goddess.  And who doesn’t want to feel like that?

Paycheck countdown:  18 days.


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