healthy eating and all that jazz

What up, massive salad.

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This past week I did the Clean Green Food and Drink Cleanse by Candice Kumai.  And I pretty much loved it. I focused on the Breakfast Blend Smoothie, and split my evening meals between the Quinoa and Clean Greens Salad and Brussel Sprout Clean Green Salad.  Why did I keep my meals narrowed down to these three?  Because except for the quinoa, all ingredients can be purchased in Eldora.

I’ll admit right now that I didn’t give it 100%.  There was a M&M cookie bar at work and I am proud to say that I stopped after half.  I didn’t work out every single day and now that the weekend is here, I’m back to eating normally.

My energy was drained, but that had more to do with work than the food.  I did realize that when I truly enjoy the healthy foods I’m eating, that I don’t want to eat other things.  So I’m going to focus on the good foods and look forward to the good stuff.

Because I associate food with love, so right now I need to eat foods that prove I truly love myself.  For real.  When it comes down to it, stuffed crust pizza and the love it brings is fleeting.



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