All I can say about today is that it is so good to be at home right now.

Today has been filled with a lot of thoughts.  Thoughts about goals, where I’d like my life to be in the next few years.  Thoughts on romantic love and if I should even be attempting to find it right now, if it’s even what is in the cards for me.  Thoughts about food, because fish tacos and grapefruit margaritas have sounded amazing for the past week.  And that’s just a little bit of what’s going on in my little head.

Totally exhausting, right?

So like I said, it’s really nice to be home right now.  Diego is cuddled up with Pepper on the couch, Scotti is gnawing on a bone.  I’ve found a new show to watch on Netflix.  And I’m hopefully channeling my thoughts into something positive.


postive thoughts go here

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