Saturday Struggles: Boys


I struggle when it comes to males.  Even though I tend to shy away from intense  attention, I always feel like I need attention from a guy.  I sign up for dating sites, find a few possibilities and start texting away (with the occasional make-out session), until one of us pulls a secret spy and disappears.  And that’s the nice(r) ones.

We won’t discuss the boy who left me sobbing on Michigan Avenue.

After all of this goes down, it usually is a 6-10 week process, I wonder what exactly is wrong with me and decide that I’m going to change my ways and get super hot.  But then I go eat a plate of nachos or french fries and take a long nap and it is glorious.

But here I am, still texting boys, that I know I’m not really into, all because they boost my ego.

I think I found my addiction.


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