3.12: Operation Red Bikini



Today has been a wonderfully busy day.  I wrapped presents for tomorrow’s Barbie Princess Birthday Pizza party.  Researched dog anxiety for Diego, whose craziness is driving me crazy.  I researched wedding gifts for a wedding I’m not going to be able to attend.  I ate 7 bananas.  I painted my nails.

And I didn’t workout.

I did of course catch up on all of my blog reading, so when I read about Operation Red Bikini, by Elle Noel, on the blog Running on Plenty, I was hooked.  Instead of focusing on losing 20 pounds, or doing 1000 squats a day, you’re encouraged to find just one thing that can make you feel more bikini ready by the time summer rolls around.  

Mine?  To be able to hold a full plank and side plank for 90 seconds each.

Yes, I’m keeping my phone backgrounds as Kate Upton and the a Bikini a Day girls.  But if I decide to pass on a workout, I’m still going to make sure I hold each plank for as long as possible.

{Kate Upton}
{Kate Upton}
{Devin and Tash}
{Devin and Tash}

PS my bikini isn’t actually red.  It’s this sequined number that I swept up like a little magpie 4 years ago.


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