2.27: unexpected turbulence


This morning didn’t start off so hot.  And by not so hot, I mean unnecessary crying.  Here’s the thing that a lot of people think they understand, but don’t.  Living with your mom as an adult, and having no means of escape/release outlet, is extremely difficult.

“Nobody ever lies about being lonely.”  From Here to Eternity

Sometimes there’s just too much fog to find the magic in the moment.

After allowing myself 15 minutes of crying time and then 5 minutes of Scotti and Diego cleaning off my face, I got back to business.  Meaning an hour long collection of 10 minute YouTube workout videos, french fries and a hot shower.

FYI I know that I’m truly stressed when french fries don’t help me feel instantly better.  They hit the spot this afternoon though.

The rest of my afternoon was filled with work at the vet’s office and cuddling with these two.

Kringle and Kookie
Kringle and Kookie

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