2.24: Dear Universe, We’re Fighting


When I saw this photo while Twitter creeping on a complete stranger, I knew I had to save it.  Because this is a question I ask myself pretty much every day.  Part of me would like to go back 18 years and find a way to convince my parents to take a job in Key West.  I would be a tan little starfish if I was living in Key West right now.

Anyways.  Today was spent working at the vet clinic.  When I got a text that car repairs were going to be $515, without the cost of labor.  1.  I cannot even legally drive this car.  2. Thank god I got paid today.  The irony is that I was going to use part of this paycheck to pay off my stupid speeding ticket so that I could work on getting my license back.

Basically, the universe is sabotaging my whole life.  And now I have to figure out how to get even with the universe.

Thank god for cat cuddling.

{Kookie and I}
{Kookie and I}

Anyways, I’m off to sweat out my frustrations.  Because the best way to get even is by looking fabulous, at least according to TV.


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