2.18: Shark Attack


Today was a gorgeous day in Eldora, and where was I? Stuck inside, making dollars, daydreaming about taking my dogs on walks and splashing in spring puddles.

Note to self; buy rain boots.

During my lunch break, I had my mom run me to Kum and Go so I could get a soda and some gummy sharks.  Because gummies are my favorite kind of candy, in case you’re wondering what kind of sweet treat to send me for my birthday.

Note to self; pay off ticket and get driver’s license. 

So I of course did what has been the norm and had some more summertime fantasies.  And since one of the ultimate fantasies is to kick the constant craving of soda and gummies, here are some things a girl should just want to look good in.


Holy crunches.


Because I’m currently obsessing over everything Wildfox.


This red two piece is just athletic enough for me to say it would totally work for my lifeguarding duties at the pool.  Plus who doesn’t love interesting tan lines?

And speaking of tan lines, I must remember to go out and buy the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue tomorrow, since no one left it at my door as a surprise.


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