2.17: snow sign of stopping


I don’t know about life where you are, but Eldora has once again been all but shut down by a snow storm.  This time with a little rain mixed in.


Weather like this inspires many things: 1. house hunting for an abode down south.  2. pinning piles of vegan soup recipes. (this is my current favorite.) 3. fantasies about future adventures.

A few days ago, I decided that I would be spending the three day Easter weekend in New Orleans.  While playdates with friends and drinking daiquiris is pretty much all my itinerary contains, you never know who you’re going to run into.  That’s why I have to be looking “kicking myself for making you cry so many times” good.

Enter the Britney Spears workout.  I’ve done this routine a few times, and omg, it is ass kicking.  I’ve never stuck it out long term to see some legit results.  But I have this three day weekend, plus graduations, summertime and too many weddings to go to, so why not give it a shot?



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