2.1: Resolution Update



My resolution for 2014 is fairly simple.  Stop worrying so much about the choices those I love are making and instead to focus more on my own.  This has definitely taken more work than I imagined.  Do you know how hard it is to bite your tongue/not hit send when I have a really great idea for my family’s future?  Really freakin hard.

But after one month, I’m feeling pretty good.

Because when I was so worried about what my family was trying to decide, I couldn’t give me my very best.  By focusing on myself more, in just a month, I’ve started making better choices food wise.  I’ve let go some anger that I’ve been dealing with.  I deactivated my Facebook, shutting down those thoughts that I just wasn’t measuring up to any of my ‘friends’.

It’s been pretty freakin great.

On Thursday, I agreed to a full-time job through the end of the school year.  Meredith last year would have said no, afraid to cancel on a talked about trip to Philadelphia in March.  Meredith Thursday thought not only about the bills she could pay, but the little girl she would be working with.  And guess what?  My family was all supportive of my decision.

Fingers crossed that this all goes just as well in February.


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