1.24 and how I have started my birthday countdown

My Birthday Pinterest Board
My Birthday Pinterest Board



Guess what everybody?!?!  We have 110 days until my birthday.  What what!  I know, you are so excited that you are about to pee your pants.

In order to be a bit more helpful to the people who want to buy me gifts, I’ve started this lovely Pinterest board: and on the fourteenth day, greatness was born.  Usually when I get asked for specifics on what I want for gifts, I just name off a list of gift cards.  This year though, I decided a board was the perfect way for everyone to keep track of what I have been hoping for.  Because in the end, isn’t a gift supposed to be something that the receiver wouldn’t actually buy for themselves?

Let me know if you need my address and don’t forget to put “Meredith’s 27th Birthday” on the May 14 spot of your calendar.



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