This is Tom. Tom is one of the creatures in the world that is overjoyed by the fact I’m an idiot.
Tom and I first met over a year ago, when the local police brought him into the vet’s office I work at over a weekend. At that point I didn’t know that the office policy was to 1. consider any animal in a live trap to be feral. 2. that all feral animals were to be immediately released. So I opened the live trap and Tom found a place to hide in the kennel building. For six weeks we left food, water and litter pans out throughout the building, and all would go into the room where Tom was hiding to talk and see if he would allow any human contact. Finally he allowed the groomer to pet and then hold him and now Tom is the face of Grooming Tails.
Oh, and his name is because of tomcat. I wasn’t very clever when I named him on the whiteboard in a note to the next girl who was coming in.


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